Qualifications For:

Pastor/Elders/Employees & All Leadership

(1 Tim. 3:2-7; Titus 1:6-9; 1 Pet. 5:2-3) 

  •  Must not be a recent convert Eager to serve 

  • An example to the “flock,” not “lording it over” them 

  • Above reproach, have a good reputation with outsiders, respectable 

  • Faithful to spouse 

  • Manages family well in a manner worthy of full respect 

  • Temperate, self-controlled, disciplined 

  • Hospitable 

  • Able to teach 

  • Holds firmly to sound doctrine 

  • Not given to drunkenness 

  • Not violent but gentle 

  • Not quarrelsome, overbearing, or quick-tempered 

  • Not a lover of money, doesn’t pursue dishonest gain 

  • Loves what is good

Lighthouse Christian has a leadership that believes all of God's Word is for all people today. This body of believers operates as a family who, though at different stages in their Christian walk, are nevertheless equally a part of the family of God. The Lord Jesus has purchased the redeemed with His own blood, and He is the leader of His flock; therefore, as His sheep, we are to protect, nurture, and build each other up by using all means with which He has enriched us.


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